Understanding Your Cremation Options In Hamden, CT

If you try to look into the funeral trends over the past few years, you will realize that many people have already significantly considered cremation as the best option. While you think that the process is the same everywhere in Hamden (makes you think that the process is actually the same no matter which funeral service provider you will hire), you have to take note that it comes in different options actually. That option will now depend on you as one of those surviving the deceased.

Cremation with funerals

Many of us think that cremation is just a simple ceremony where the entire steps in the process can simply be followed and from there, you can take the urn home where the ashes are placed. Well, that is an option but of course, you can go way beyond that and still include funeral services with the entire thing. You can opt for either traditional or contemporary funeral services, whichever will suit you best. The funeral service that comes with cremation can actually be the as that funeral service that comes before the ground burial.

These services can also be traditional or non-traditional, simple or elaborate. Everything will totally depend on you. Just make sure that you make all the necessary arrangements for the funeral service. You can always add a touch of individuality to the entire idea and make it a service that will actually make the attendees reflect on the life lived by the deceased. You can make the ceremonies as special as possible.

Complete cremation service


This is actually the counterpart of the funeral service. The only difference is the fact that cremation instead of casketed funeral will come after the service. Cremation caskets or rental caskets may be used in the process. In this case, cremated remains can either be buried or returned to the immediate family for safekeeping or scattered on a place that allows so. When safekeeping is a choice, the ashes can be placed in urns that are made of either plastic or cardboard or even ceramic, wood or semi-precious metals.

Immediate cremation service

This version of cremation in Hamden, CT is one where the cremation service is arranged right after the death of a deceased loved one. Memorial services will then be held several days after the cremation in a church, the survivors’ home, the funeral home or in another place. The service will then be one where the body of the deceased will no longer be present. This type of cremation should come right after you and the rest of the survivors of the deceased, typically the immediate family, have viewed the body.

Embalming may no longer be required, provided your private viewing can be done within 12-hours after the death. But if you have to wait for other members of the family to arrive so they can offer their last respects to your dearly departed loved one, then embalming is essential. Viewing is recommended simply because it is understood that you want to have some time to acknowledge the moment of losing your loved one.