What Types Of Flowers Should Complement Cremation Urns?

Casket flower arrangements have long been an important part of the funeral tradition. Whether the ceremony is open or closed casket, having lush flowers and beautiful foliage is considered a proper send off for a loved one. Apart from calming the spirits of those left behind, beautiful flowers also help to enhance the atmosphere while giving the guests something uplifting to talk about. The popular casket spray can be simple or elaborate depending on the needs of the family.

As more people choose to move away from traditional burials to cremation, the issue of cremation urn flowers is constantly coming up. What happens when there is no casket to adorn with the beautiful flowers? The fact is that you can still enhance the somber event by using flowers alongside the funeral urn. Just because the deceased chose to be cremated is no reason to skip the flowers as florists are coming up with beautiful floral displays to complement the funeral urns.

1. Choosing favorite flowers

One of the best ways to choose cremation flowers is by choosing personalized arrangements that help to celebrate the deceased’s life. By choosing their favorite flowers, the florist can create designs that can incorporate favorite colors, hobbies and activities. If the person was an avid golfer, gardener, or loved particular activities, different items or equipment can be used alongside the floral arrangement to represent the activities. Planning the flowers for the cremation urn is not different from casket flowers.

2. Designing flower tributes


Handling cremation flower tributes is something that many florists are facing today. The design element is somewhat different because there is no casket to consider. The cremains are placed in urns or containers and the florist has to enhance the setting. It is important to consider the size and design of the urn when designing an arrangement. The florist attempts to create a sense of calm or rest as a way to honor the deceased. The flowers do not have to look somber just because it is a funeral.

3. Creating a beautiful setting

Designing a floral arrangement for a funeral urn is usually about creating a peaceful setting where the urn rests. Most of the designs are restful and they act as a tray with foam on top. The cremation urn or box is placed in the center of the arrangement with beautiful results. The arrangement can be as large or small as the family desires and this will also depend on the type of flowers chosen as well as the budget. When designing the arrangement, the florist has to ensure that the urn is dry and protected using plastic or foliage underneath.

4. Basing the urn with flowers

A popular technique when designing floral arrangements for the urn is sheltering or shadowing over. This is a technique where the flowers are placed at the base to create a shelter or frame for the urn. First, the container is based using foliage before creating the focal area with flowers. The flowers shelter or protect the urn and more flowers are added depending on the design needs. The urn is placed on the focal point and the flowers are arranged carefully to help in complementing the overall look.

5. The size and shape of the container

One of the most important factors to consider when designing the floral arrangement is the size and shape of the container. The type of cremation urn used will determine the best arrangement because the design is built around it. It is important for the florist to see the urn or a similar urn before creating the arrangement. The style of arrangement will differ depending on who is doing it and the type of flowers used, and whether or not you want to incorporate a wreathe as part of the memorial.

It is important to find an experienced florist in order to get the perfect floral arrangement for the funeral. Looking at different samples or photos is a great way to choose the best style of arrangement. Some people choose a design that includes a wreath with the urn placed in the center, while others prefer something more elaborate. Some designs include a garland of flowers that can be draped across a table or the surface where the urn is placed. A box-shaped container can be complemented using an L shaped floral design.