The Top 5 Ways To Organize A Drive Thru Funeral

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As far as creative funerals go, it doesn’t get more creative than organizing a drive thru funeral. This can mean different things to different people but the term is becoming more commonly used. To clear up any confusion, we will be delving into the world of drive thru funerals. Here are the top five ways to organize a drive thru funeral.

#1. Drive Thru Catering At The Wake

Drive thru funerals are a creative way of celebrating the life of someone known for their love of fast food. A classic example would be someone who loved Burger King restaurants. One way to incorporate the deceased person’s love of this food would be to serve fast food at the wake. An increasingly common practice is to have the undertakers embalm the body of the deceased and position them in a ‘living’ position, say, at a table or astride their favourite motorbike. The wake then takes on a party-like atmosphere, during which time fast food offerings from the local drive thru could be served.

#2. A Motorcade Escapade

An alternative way of incorporating a drive thru theme into a funeral is to simply pass by or drive through the favourite restaurant of the deceased person. As the coffin is transported in a hearse, other cars in the motorcade could take a quick detour and visit the drive thru. Friends or family members could order the favourite meal of the deceased person. This could then be positioned on top of the coffin prior to burial or cremation to help celebrate their lives.

#3. Funeral Catering With A Twist

The third way to include a drive thru to a funeral is simply to ask a local drive thru restaurant to cater for the funeral. This is a slightly more conventional way of celebrating the food that the deceased person most loved during their lifetime. Guests tend to have a better time relaxing after the funeral once the burial or cremation has been completed.

#4. Drive Thru Fancy Dress

A highly creative way of celebrating the life of someone who loved drive thru dining is to set a fancy dress theme. The obvious solution would be to have everyone dress up as drive thru employees, perhaps with the name of the deceased embroidered onto their hats. Alternatively, you could choose movie or TV characters who worked in fast food restaurants.

#5. Drive Thru Viewings

You won’t be able to order any fries or a shake but Carl Eggleston of Farmville offers drive thru viewings to the families he serves. He has over thirty years of experience in the funeral business and believes that people actually want the convenience of being able to pay their respects to their loved ones in drive thru fashion. This drive thru viewing idea is showcased at Eggleston’s funeral room and simply means that the coffins containing the bodies of the deceased are positioned in glass fronted rooms. Friends and family members can drive into the parking lot, view the body from the comfort of their own car and then leave. This type of viewing is sure to appeal to drive thru aficionados. It is designed to make funeral viewings quick and easy for all. The idea is that people can save time and fit in viewings around their business work and personal schedules.


Whether you are planning your own funeral or cremation in New Haven CT, or in the process of planning a funeral for someone else, these five drive thru inspired funeral ideas should have given you some food for thought. The trend in melding drive thrus and funerals is certainly rising and so long as it fits the life lived, why not give it a go? All five of the ideas in this article are perfectly applicable for anyone having a funeral service. Whether you choose burial or cremation, you are bound to be able to use one of these ideas to make the event memorable. If you are planned a drive thru inspired wedding, we’d love to hear from you. What do you think of the ideas in our list? Which ideas would you add? Let us know and leave a comment below!