Planning For Cremation: How To Reduce Resistance From Family And Friends

The benefits of cremation rather than a traditional burial are numerous. For one, it is better for the environment, since very few natural resources are actually needed for a cremation. The need for little space to get it done is also a plus. With rising land costs, it will become more expensive in the future to rent space in a cemetery for burial.

Most people are aware of these benefits, but then run into a few problems when they want to be cremated when they die. One of the biggest obstacles you are likely to face is resistance from family and friends. If you are keen on being cremated after you pass on, you might need to address this issue well in advance so that you can be sure that it will get done. Some of the ways of doing this include:

Expose them to useful literature

One of the best ways to overcome such obstacles is by simply having your loved ones informed on the details of cremation. You can do this by getting them some literature that describes what to expect, the details of the process and some of the benefits of cremation. The literature should be detailed enough to convince them of the benefits you are interested in. Fortunately, it’s very easy to get such literature today. You can even go online to find a few articles or blogs on the same.

Talk to them


Another common reason why family and friends might oppose cremation is because they don’t understand your logic. Simply telling them that you want to be cremated might not be enough. If you sense that they are resisting this decision, you may need to take some time to try and explain to them why you want to be cremated. Taking the time to do this often yields results, since they are then more likely to see things from your point of view.

Make it known in advance

When most people want to be cremated, they usually put it in their will. This usually works, but there are a few instances where it might cause minor complications. For instance, if your family members were prepared for a regular burial and then find out that you wanted to be cremated at the last minute, it can be a bit disconcerting. To avoid this, you may need to let them know of your intentions in advance. This way, there will be no surprises during this time. Remember that most people will be emotionally vulnerable during such a time, so making decisions that might seem out of the ordinary might not go down well with many.

Plan with them

When you want to plan for cremation services in Hamden, CT, you should try to include your loved ones in the process. Making decisions such as which facility to use should be done in conjunction with close family members and friends so that they are well prepared to walk through the process with you.

In summary, cremation has many benefits, though it might initially be disconcerting to people who are not used to it as a family or cultural tradition. If you are interested in getting it done, consider taking the steps above to ensure that your close friends and family will be onboard.