Planning For Cremation: How To Reduce Resistance From Family And Friends

The benefits of cremation rather than a traditional burial are numerous. For one, it is better for the environment, since very few natural resources are actually needed for a cremation. The need for little space to get it done is also a plus. With rising land costs, it will become more expensive in the future to rent space in a cemetery for burial.

Most people are aware of these benefits, but then run into a few problems when they want to be cremated when they die. One of the biggest obstacles you are likely to face is resistance from family and friends. If you are keen on being cremated after you pass on, you might need to address this issue well in advance so that you can be sure that it will get done. Some of the ways of doing this include:

Expose them to useful literature

One of the best ways to overcome such obstacles is by simply having your loved ones informed on the details of cremation. You can do this by getting them some literature that describes what to expect, the details of the process and some of the benefits of cremation. The literature should be detailed enough to convince them of the benefits you are interested in. Fortunately, it’s very easy to get such literature today. You can even go online to find a few articles or blogs on the same.

Talk to them


Another common reason why family and friends might oppose cremation is because they don’t understand your logic. Simply telling them that you want to be cremated might not be enough. If you sense that they are resisting this decision, you may need to take some time to try and explain to them why you want to be cremated. Taking the time to do this often yields results, since they are then more likely to see things from your point of view.

Make it known in advance

When most people want to be cremated, they usually put it in their will. This usually works, but there are a few instances where it might cause minor complications. For instance, if your family members were prepared for a regular burial and then find out that you wanted to be cremated at the last minute, it can be a bit disconcerting. To avoid this, you may need to let them know of your intentions in advance. This way, there will be no surprises during this time. Remember that most people will be emotionally vulnerable during such a time, so making decisions that might seem out of the ordinary might not go down well with many.

Plan with them

When you want to plan for cremation services in Hamden, CT, you should try to include your loved ones in the process. Making decisions such as which facility to use should be done in conjunction with close family members and friends so that they are well prepared to walk through the process with you.

In summary, cremation has many benefits, though it might initially be disconcerting to people who are not used to it as a family or cultural tradition. If you are interested in getting it done, consider taking the steps above to ensure that your close friends and family will be onboard.

Top 6 Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Funeral

Traditional burial has always and is still being used by many families to give a loved one a befitting send-off. There is nothing wrong with it, but it is time to think about the impacts that this kind of burial brings to the environment in general. The death of one person is nothing to have any considerable environmental impact, but consider the number of people that pass away at a given time on a global scale.

The figures stand at a staggering 5 million daily, making it around 60 million people yearly. Now, if all these people were to be given a traditional burial, how many trees and flowers would fall in order to obtain timber for making and decorating caskets and how would it cost mother earth? Have an eco-friendly funeral by adopting the following six ways.

Use biodegradable materials


Whether you go for cremation or burial, consider using materials that are biodegradable and can save the environment from degradation. It is true that you want to show that you love and consider somebody important, even in death, but be careful not to harm your descendants in the process. Use coffins and urns that are biodegradable like the ones made from cardboard or bamboo.

Have a green memorial service

The main focus is to reduce or eliminate any negative impact on the environment as a result of funerals. If you have to use flowers, take them from those who grow them organically and when making programs and hymn sheets try to use recycled paper. Also, consider the renting of buses or carpooling to eliminate the long line of cars for the occasion.

Sympathy gifts don’t have to be flowers

Flowers usually last for a very short period considering their impact on farming resources. Instead of going for them, try going for sympathy gifts that are not only eco-friendly, but also last for a long time. For instance, give a charity donation in the name of the departed that will uplift the lives of many people.

Go for a green marker

You do not necessarily need to use statues, gravestone or monument markers on burial sites. What if you designate a green marker like a bush, flower garden or even a tree? Better still, you can have an online memorial that can be visited by friends and family whenever they feel like.

Go for cremation instead of burial

When you choose cremation, use a modern crematorium that does not release toxins into the air. Cremation has proved to be more eco-friendlier than traditional burials as it creates more land for the living and does not lead to environmental contamination as a result of embalming fluids.

Plan your cremation ahead

Avoid having your loved ones to make quick or alternative burial arrangements by planning your cremation ahead. Let your loved ones have a stress free parting process by consulting your cremation provider early in time to ensure that all the necessary cremation preparations are made.

Our cremation services in Hamden, CT are not only eco-friendly, but also worry-free, ensuring that you provide your loved ones with a dignified and respectful funeral without tackling too many hassles.

Understanding The Different Cremation Terminologies

The growing popularity of cremation can be attributed to many factors. They are cost effective, eco-friendly, hassle-free and provide a variety of options that one can choose from to give a unique send off to loved ones. One of these options is in the method of ash-scattering. Many people have little knowledge on the ways they can use to scatter the ashes of a loved one. The truth is that there are different ways to do it and your choice will depend on the one that you think is the best for you. The following terminologies will help you understand ash- scattering methods in cremation better.



Raking is the process of pouring the cremains of a loved from an urn into the loose soil and then they are raked into the ground usually after the cremation ceremony is over. When one is pouring, great care has to be taken to prevent the wind from blowing the cremains into the air. The raking process is undertaken by family members and close friends in turns.


Trenching involves digging a trench in the ground and then pouring the cremains directly into it. The spot where the trench is made is usually on the favorite spot of the loved one like in the garden, the beach, backyard or any other spot. As part of the ceremony, the family members and friends light candles in a circle around the trench spot. At the end of the ceremony, they take turns covering the ashes in the trench.


The casting of cremains involves tossing or throwing them into the wind. When doing so, the weather has to be so favorable that the cremains are tossed downwind. This means that heavier ash particles will fall into the ground while the lighter ones will be blown away forming a white-gray cloud. Casting can be done directly from an urn and tossed in turns by family and friends or divided into cups and casted together at once like in a toast.

Air scattering

This is similar to casting but the cremains are tossed into the air using an airplane. There are service providers that are trained and specialize in this particular event and, usually, family and friends of the loved one can watch from the ground as the remains are scattered or even ride on the airplane with the remains of their loved one.

Water scattering

This is when cremains are scattered into a water body like a lake, river, or ocean. When doing this, it is possible for the ashes to blow back into your face when they are poured out of the urn. The best way is usually to use a biodegradable urn and then take a good position at the side of the boat when dropping it. Hiring a boat service specialized in water scattering is necessary to have the best experience in parting with your loved one on the water.

All in all, the above ash-scattering methods are commonly used to bid farewell to a loved one and you can choose any of them when doing a simple cremation in Wallingford, CT.

Why You Should Work With A Cremation Provider That Owns Cremation Facilities

When you are planning a cremation for your loved one, it is a good idea to do some research so that you get the best service. Admittedly, this is a difficult time and trying to make the best decision can seem like a daunting task. One thing that you should not compromise on is the facility where you get the cremation service. If you are planning a cremation, you should deal with a service provider that has the cremation facilities. There are several reasons why making this decision will be a huge benefit and they include:


Save on cremation costs

If you are on a budget, choosing the best cremation service provider is essential. When you choose a service that has its own facilities as opposed to using a third party, you save on costs. The cost of the cremation is much lower when the service provider does not have to outsource the cremation process. Those who opt to use a funeral home that does not offer in-house cremation end up spending much more for the service. You should always choose a cremation provider that has its own facilities.

Lower related costs

Apart from the higher cremation fee, a funeral service provider without its own facilities has other additional costs. Some of the costs associated with using a third party facility include the cost of transporting the remains to the funeral home and other associated fees. When you use a cremation service that has its own facility, you can get a package that is both convenient and affordable with everything “under one roof”.

Ensure safe handling

When you get the services of trusted cremation services in Cheshire, CT, you can get much needed peace of mind. It helps to know that you are working with a service provider that has their own crematorium as well as the relevant expertise and experience. You can avoid issues of delays occasioned by transporting the remains from one location to another. Many families have reported issues such as receiving remains in the wrong urn and they often wonder whether they even have the right remains!

Disposition of the remains

Another good reason to choose a cremation provider that has its own facilities is that you can plan the best way to handle the cremation ashes. The cremation provider offers options and you can choose something that is individualized and meaningful to memorialize your loved one. Whether you opt to bury the remains, keep the remains in an urn at home, scatter the remains or store them in a columbarium, you can ensure that you get exactly what you need.

When you work with a cremation provider that has their own facilities, you deal with a single provider and this gives you the confidence that your loved one’s remains are treated with respect. Apart from the convenience, you can eliminate unnecessary costs and you can make all the funeral arrangements in one go without hassle. Do a quick search online today to find Cheshire cremation services, browse through the websites and decide on a provider to work with. You will then understand how easy the process can be!

Quick Tips For Planning A Simple Cremation

Many people who choose cremation for themselves or their loved ones do so because of the simplicity and affordability to be gained. The cost of cremation is a fraction of that of traditional burial and it helps families to save a huge amount of money in final expenses. Even after you select cremation, it is important to know that there are different services available and you can save even further. The following tips will help you to choose a service that will meet your needs.

Understanding your options


When planning a funeral or cremation, the first step is determining what you need. This is not always easy especially when there are many family members who have different opinions about the service that is appropriate. When you know the type of service you would like, you can find out about the options available. You need to visit a funeral service provider to understand the options available. Knowing what is available, you can make an informed choice that all concerned parties will appreciate.

Choosing simple cremation

If you are looking for the most affordable option, a simple cremation in Hamden, CT is exactly what you need. A direct or simple cremation is where you forego the funeral service or viewing beforehand and choose to have the cremation straight away. Many families choose this option as they plan to have a memorial service later. When you forego the viewing and funeral, you save a huge amount of money. Simple cremation is a convenient option when planning the memorial service in a different location.

Scattering the remains

To make the process even more affordable, you can opt to scatter the remains instead of buying a decorative urn to inter the remains. If you opt to scatter the remains, you do not have to spend money on interring the remains and yet you can give your loved one a fitting send off. If your loved one had a special place that they loved to visit, scattering their remains there can be a great option. There are people who indicate where they would like their remains to be scattered when they pass away.

Planning in advance

One of the best ways to ensure that you get exactly what you need is by pre-planning the cremation. This can help to reduce costs while also ensuring that your loved ones do not have to go through the planning process during the highly stressful and emotional mourning period. Many people today are opting to plan their final rites while they are alive to ensure that they get exactly what they want. Pre-planning cremation will allow you to choose the services that you consider important to you and you can eliminate unnecessary costs by foregoing those you do not need.

Ultimately, when you choose a simple cremation you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. By understanding where you can cut costs or eliminate expenses, you can plan the perfect send-off without compromising on quality. Planning a funeral is often difficult for those left behind and many people end up making emotional decisions that can have long-term financial consequences. It is a good idea to take some time today to consider what you would like. Remember also to evaluate the areas where expenses can be reduced or eliminated.

Dealing With Grief – Explaining Cremation To Your Child

Most people will agree that explaining death and funerals to young children can be very difficult. This is especially the case with the death of a close loved one. Issues of cremation can be difficult for the child to understand especially when they think that it involves burning. It is important to be tactful when talking to a child about cremation. The age of the child will determine how easy it will be for the child to understand. Whatever you do, remember that it is always better to talk to the child than to leave him or her wondering what happened. The following tips will come in handy.

The child’s stage of development

When explain about death and cremation, use words that are appropriate for the child’s age or stage of development. Make the child understand the situation using the simplest language and remember that if the child does not understand it will lead to doubts and more questions. Try to ensure that the child does not get distressed. It might help to explain that the body is not actually burnt by the fire but rather high temperatures cause the body to turn into soft, fine particles.

Remain calm when discussing the issue


It is important to try to remain as calm and comfortable as possible when talking to the child. Remain composed and remember that children are very good at picking up on emotions. If the child gets the impression that you think cremation is scary, then that will be the reality that he or she embraces. Remember that any child that is old enough to love is also old enough to feel grief. If you are not comfortable discussing the issue, get someone you trust to talk to the child.

Answer questions honestly

When sharing cremation information with your child, you can expect some questions. It is important to be honest when answering these questions. The child may even want to see the cremated remains and you need to decide how to handle this. Showing the child the cremation urn may offer some comfort especially if you have chosen a beautiful urn for the occasion. Talking to the child about the cremation process can help him or her to heal but you should only give the information that the child asks.

Avoid using complicated language

Using words and language that is complicated will only serve to confuse the child. Remember that the child is also grieving and you should not make the explanations scary. Use simple language that the child will understand and remember that each child is different. Follow the child’s lead when explaining the details and remember that some children are more curious than others and others may be more scared. Pay attention to the child’s behavior as you talk and avoid using words like ‘fire’ and ‘burned’.

It is important to explain to the child that the cremation process does not hurt the deceased in any way. You can describe a simple cremation in Wallingford, CT to your child and explain that the body does not feel pain. Avoid giving too much information to young children and remember that your beliefs about what happens after death will determine how comforted the child will be. Explaining that the loved one has gone to a happier place will help the child accept the loss better.

What Should You Keep In Mind When Buying A Cremation Urn?

When making funeral or cremation arrangements for your deceased loved one, you have to think about all the details that can make the occasion special. This is a time of grief and the task may be difficult but most people want to make sure that everything goes well. Whether your loved one had expressed their last wishes or you are in charge of making decisions, you need to determine what you need. You are likely to be emotionally drained and it is admittedly quite difficult. Fortunately, there are things that will make the process more bearable.

Taking care of all the important tasks will help to ensure that you commemorate the life of your loved in a fitting way. Cremation urns can be used effectively as cherished memorials and keepsakes and it helps to make the right purchase decision. Most crematoriums return the deceased’s cremated remains in a temporary urn, which is usually a cardboard box or plastic bag. When you purchase an urn, you transfer the remains into it. Following are some tips that will make purchasing the urn easier for you.

Think about the purpose

Cremation Urn

Before you purchase the cremation urn, you need to determine how you want to use it. Determine the function of the urn so that you can choose the right type or design. Decide whether you want to use the urn for interment, scattering or display. If you want the urn for storing or scattering the ashes, choose an attractive and durable material. When choosing the material, decide whether you will place the urn indoors or outdoors. Some of the urn materials available include ceramic, wood, stone, metal and glass.

Where you will store the urn

The remains can be stored in various placed and these can include a mausoleum or a columbarium niche. If the remains will be stored out of your custody, you need to find out the guidelines that the concerned authorities have. Contact the parties concerned to find out details about the cremation urns that they allow. Most places will have guidelines on the recommended size, style and materials of the urn. Most mausoleums only accept ceramic, metal, and plastic urns.

Choosing a burial urn

If you are planning a ground burial, you should choose an urn that is wooden, metal or bronze. For a burial urn, you can opt for the temporary urn that the crematorium can offer because you will not be displaying it. If you are planning the burial in a cemetery or funeral home plot, contact the cremation services in Hamden, CT and find out the type of urns allowed. You should find out whether they have urn vaults where they place the cremation urns.

Eco- friendly options

A major reason why many people choose cremation over burial is the environmental benefits. If you want an eco-friendly urn for water or land burial, consider a biodegradable urn. You can find cremation urns that are designed to disintegrate or dissolve soon after being buried. If you want to scatter the ashes, you can select a scattering tube or urn that will make the process of scattering easier.

If you are unsure about the urn to choose for the long term, you can choose something temporary for the memorial service before making the final purchase.

What You Should Know About Memorialization After Cremation

Memorialization is a very important part of the entire cremation process. It is this part where you are given the chance to choose a secure place where the cremated remains of your deceased loved one will be placed. It is also that aspect where you will be given the chance to honor the lives of your dearly departed. In view of this integral aspect of cremation, it pays to know more about what it can actually offer you.

Many choices for memorializing a loved one


Cremation, in particular, gives you a good choice to opt for a service that will help you grieve the loss of a loved one. Memorialization, just the same, gives you a few good choices on how to secure those cremated remains. There are some families out there who may have opted to have the remains cremated then eventually bring back the ashes to their home. Others have chosen to scatter the remains, either on land or water. All of these are great memorialization options that you can choose to do depending on the request of the departed before his death or according to what all of the surviving heirs may have agreed upon.

There are outdoor niches for memorialization

Like with the typical funeral where the body is buried below the ground, memorialization after cremation allows you to use outdoor niches. Using columbarium niches, this memorialization option will give you the chance to choose a funeral service provider that will take charge of securely keeping the remains of your loved ones in place.

Memorialization can also be personalized

With the traditional burying of the body below the ground, the gravestone is used as an option for personal memorialization. In the case of cremation, on the other hand, you can also choose to have the memorialization customized or personalized. You can do so by choosing to inscribe your loved one’s name alongside a special quotation either at the park bench of the cemetery where you choose to keep the ashes or on a tree plaque and your other choices for a special memorial. You can also choose from amongst specially-designed urns to make the memorialization even more personal.

You can keep everything simple

Choosing simple cremation can be followed by a simple memorialization as well. You can choose to make the funeral service exclusive for loved ones and close friends of the departed. You can also bring back the remains at home and from there, you can offer your prayers for his soul to rest in peace, altogether with your close relatives. You can even choose simple cremation rites for memorialization. Simple memorialization options are very much acceptable in this day and age when everyone wants to experience less hassles while grieving and eventually recuperating from the loss of a loved one.

With that in mind, we encourage you to use our services. We may be offering simple cremation in New Haven, CT but that does not mean we are not giving you the chance to honor and respect your loved ones. The truth of the matter is that the simplicity of our services makes memorialization an easier task to handle during these difficult times for you.

Understanding Your Cremation Options In Hamden, CT

If you try to look into the funeral trends over the past few years, you will realize that many people have already significantly considered cremation as the best option. While you think that the process is the same everywhere in Hamden (makes you think that the process is actually the same no matter which funeral service provider you will hire), you have to take note that it comes in different options actually. That option will now depend on you as one of those surviving the deceased.

Cremation with funerals

Many of us think that cremation is just a simple ceremony where the entire steps in the process can simply be followed and from there, you can take the urn home where the ashes are placed. Well, that is an option but of course, you can go way beyond that and still include funeral services with the entire thing. You can opt for either traditional or contemporary funeral services, whichever will suit you best. The funeral service that comes with cremation can actually be the as that funeral service that comes before the ground burial.

These services can also be traditional or non-traditional, simple or elaborate. Everything will totally depend on you. Just make sure that you make all the necessary arrangements for the funeral service. You can always add a touch of individuality to the entire idea and make it a service that will actually make the attendees reflect on the life lived by the deceased. You can make the ceremonies as special as possible.

Complete cremation service


This is actually the counterpart of the funeral service. The only difference is the fact that cremation instead of casketed funeral will come after the service. Cremation caskets or rental caskets may be used in the process. In this case, cremated remains can either be buried or returned to the immediate family for safekeeping or scattered on a place that allows so. When safekeeping is a choice, the ashes can be placed in urns that are made of either plastic or cardboard or even ceramic, wood or semi-precious metals.

Immediate cremation service

This version of cremation in Hamden, CT is one where the cremation service is arranged right after the death of a deceased loved one. Memorial services will then be held several days after the cremation in a church, the survivors’ home, the funeral home or in another place. The service will then be one where the body of the deceased will no longer be present. This type of cremation should come right after you and the rest of the survivors of the deceased, typically the immediate family, have viewed the body.

Embalming may no longer be required, provided your private viewing can be done within 12-hours after the death. But if you have to wait for other members of the family to arrive so they can offer their last respects to your dearly departed loved one, then embalming is essential. Viewing is recommended simply because it is understood that you want to have some time to acknowledge the moment of losing your loved one.

Planning A Funeral Using Cremation Services In Cheshire, CT

Two things are said to be inevitable – taxes and death. Well, taxes are neither painful nor hard to get past compared to getting over a death, especially that of a loved one. After the death of a person, the family members have to choose between a traditional burial and using cremation services in Cheshire, CT. This is a decision that will be based on a variety of different factors, all which can be discussed in advance or considered after the passing on of a loved one.

Choice of a funeral director


Organizing a funeral of a loved one may be the toughest thing that you would ever have to do. When you’re overwhelmed with sadness and stress, your emotions can get in the way of your better judgment. This is where a funeral director comes in.

When choosing a funeral director, it is important that you ensure that they are affiliated with an appropriate governing body. If they are a member of an association, they are obliged to meet certain industry standards in order to maintain their badge of honor. It would also be easier for a funeral director to seek cremation services Cheshire, CT and make all the arrangements on your behalf.

A funeral director plays a fundamental role in the planning and execution of a funeral. This professional will take care of the coffin, the body, the viewing of the body, as well as all the paperwork or legal requirements on your behalf. They’ll also take you through the available options regarding the ceremony and venue, such as the coffin purchase, hearse rental and entire time schedule.

Order of Service

While it’s the funeral director’s responsibility to make arrangements and ensure that the event follows personal, legal and religious guidelines, it will be upon you to set a path. If you are the next of kin of the deceased, you will have to decide the proper way in which the event will be conducted.

There are different ways in which you can decide the service to be conducted, i.e. you can opt for either a “celebration of life” type of memorial service, or a more formal type of funeral. It is important to consider the opinion of other family members to ensure that everyone’s wishes are represented. You should also check with the cremation services provider whether they have enough space where the funeral service can be conducted.

Hiring Funeral Cars

Most funeral directors provide this service as standard. If hiring funeral cars, ensure that you nominate drivers who won’t be distracted by grief. This will ensure the safety of everyone involved. Another alternative is to hire a hearse, though this may take a significant portion of your overall budget.


This is another important thing that should be planned properly. The funeral director can make catering arrangements on your behalf for an extra fee. The good thing about letting the funeral director deal with the catering is because they have connections with local catering companies, thus easy to identify the service provider with a quote that is within your budget.

Other things that you have to pay attention to when planning a funeral using cremation services Cheshire, CT, include the eulogy, coffin decorations, funeral flowers, and the music. Ensure that you make enough consultations with the cremation services provider on how the entire process will go to ensure that you are all on the same page.