Why Cremation Is A Growing Trend In Today’s World

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the death care industry has grown over the years to be one of the most promising business ventures. In particular, one aspect of funeral services has become very popular what with a number of perks. Therefore, if you are looking for the best way of bidding your loved one farewell, cremation is the best solution. There are a number of reasons why cremation has become a growing trend in today’s world. Here are reasons why more people are taking it as an ideal funeral service option.

Religious views about cremation


The world has various religions and as such, there are bound to be differences when it comes to such critical matters as burial ceremonies. For instance, the Catholic Church initially did not vouch for the idea of cremating the body. The practice had been outlawed by the Church for centuries. However, its view of the practice softened with time paving way for many people who preferred cremation to have a funeral service of their choice. That means that even though the church may still express preference for normal burial, it can permit a funeral service to be conducted with the presence of cremated remains.

Changes in the family setting

For quite some time, there has been a steady decline of nuclear families. Many people have moved from their hometowns and parents. Moreover, the popularity and accessibility of family burial plotshas dwindled. This explains why millions of people have now turned to cremation as a cost-effective and rational way of expressing affection and care to the remains of a loved one.

Cost-effective solution

Among other reasons that have led to the rise in popularity of cremation, cost is the major reason why many people are viewing it as a preferable option. The usual funeral service costs a lot more if you consider morgue expenses, casket cost, burial vault fee and the like. In particularly urban centers, prices tend to be higher.

Other factors that may also add up to the overall cost include additional products and services that you would like to receive from a funeral home such as memorial services before burial, visitation and hearses. Ideally, cremation in New Haven CT basically costs a third of the overall cost of a normal burial or in some cases even less. In tough economic times, people always look for a cost-effective solution for handling matters.

Religious view, decline in nuclear families and cost are the main reasons why cremation has become more popular. Another reasons is limited space for burial. With many deaths occurring across the globe annually, cremation is the only solution that minimizes use of space.

There are a number of options that you can consider after cremation. Typically, you have to buy an urn to keep the cremation remains. Since you do not have to buy a burial space, you can keep the urn in your mantel or alternatively scatter the ashes in the ocean. You can also mix the ashes with concrete and drop it into the ocean to create a memorial reef.