7 Songs That Are Apt For Funerals


Songs played at a funeral offer an effective way to memorize loved ones. The processes of choosing funeral songs can prove tough because at the time you are overwhelmed with grieve. Nevertheless, your choice of song should be one that allows mourners to reflect on the deceased, grieve over their passing and celebrate their life. Furthermore, the music should stimulate pleasant memories and provide comfort. Before using a song, it is advisable to read the lyrics.

A funeral song that reflects the deceased personality or a song that has special relevance to them makes a great option. However, a brief verbal introduction can help mourners understand its significance. If you still have a problem choosing, an instrumental funeral song can come handy. They are many funeral songs you may consider and seven of these songs include:

Religious funeral songs

If you are planning a Christian memorial or funeral service for a loved one, music being an essential part of life plays a pivotal role in death. The choice of music can go a long way in providing comfort to every person attending the service. The choice of music heard will bring back sweet memories of a loved one’s life. They are many religious funeral songs you may consider including “He’s Walking Her Home” by Mark Schultz, and “Comforter” by CeCe Winans.

MercyMe – I Can Only Imagine

“I Can Only Imagine” was inspired by the experience of Bart Millard, whom at the age of 18 lost his father to cancer. When he was informed that his dad chose heaven over returning back, the 18-year-old boy found himself repeating words “I can only imagine!” Several years after, while writing music, Bart discovered a notebook with this phrase and ended up writing the hit song.

Chris Tomlin – I Will Rise

“I Will Rise” is an amazing, caring ballad that seeks to remind the survivors the grave is flooding with the love of Christ. The piano and strings have been performed so skillfully, almost giving the haunting feeling that turns those sorrowful moments into something bearable.

Traditional funeral songs

Instrumental – Songs of Remembrance

“Songs of Remembrance” is not just a mere lyric, but also a tune that allows the surviving members to find a way of expressing how much they miss their loved one. They finally come to terms with the fact that they have to say goodbye, while praying silently for the strength to live without them.

Various artists – Amazing Grace

“Amazing Grace” first published in 1779 has words written by John Newton (1725-1807). John Newton was a clergyman and English poet who advanced the message of forgiveness and redemption regardless of the magnitude of sin committed. Different artists have sung this song through time.

Popular funeral songs

Sarah McLachlan – Angel

“Angel” is a song by Sarah McLachlan, which originally appeared on her album Surfacing (1997). The song is about Jonathan Melvoin, who died in 1996 after an overdose on Heroin. Several articles she read about musicians turning to heroin in order to escape the pressures evident in the music industry and eventually overdosing inspired McLachlan. She is honest about the subject and identifies with the same feelings that could lead a person to use heroin. Although she has never used heroine, she reveals that she has done many things to help her escape the mess and misery of not knowing who she was anymore. The song tries to advice against taking responsibility of other people’s problems.

Mariah Carey & various artists – Hero

“Hero” sung by singer-songwriter Mariah Carey was first released on October 19, 1993. She later personalized the song, giving it a pop and R&B melody. She also changed a few lyrics to fit her personality. The song has a way of inspiring any person who may be down or discouraged to come to terms with the fact that they are “heroes” if only they took the time to look inside and see their inner strength. The song describes the power that rests inside every person and helps to transform & inspire those around.

Contemporary funeral songs

Celine Dion- My Heart Will Go On

“My Heart Will Go On” is the theme song to the 1997 blockbuster movie “Titanic”. This romantic song is considered one of the most popular selling singles of all time. The song is increasingly becoming a popular song sang in funerals. It allows the surviving members to express their love in a unique way- appreciating the fact that, though distance separates them, they will still see and feel the departed.