5 Ways to Live Long After You Are Gone

No one can live forever, and when you actually think about it it’s probably just as well. But while we may not be able to physically stay on Earth ourselves, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still ways we can ensure we don’t get quickly forgotten either. There are ways you can ‘live on’ after death, and all of these can help us to create a legacy for ourselves that will long outlast our physical presence. Some people view life as simply a pattern of information, and if that’s truly the case then ensuring that that information gets passed on is as good a way as any to live longer. Every time someone thinks of you, or your words enter their minds, you will almost be living again…

So what are these methods of outlasting yourself? And how do you go about ensuring your memory lasts as long as it possibly can? Here are five great methods that anyone can use…


Funeral: Something that most of us will do on parting is to have a funeral held in our honour. This serves as a celebration of our lives and also as a way for our surviving loved ones to remember us and to come to terms with our parting. In many ways your funeral is the last party you will ever throw…

Creating Something: Another option is to create something that can outlast you. An example could be a work of art, a great musical composition, or a best-selling novel. That way you could potentially live on in the same way as say Shakespeare or Mozart – historical characters who are still house-hold names.

Of course not everyone has quite the skill of either of these two giants, so a more modest aim might be to write a book that will be read by a lot of people of your generation. Alternatively you could create something else such as a business or a website which would be easier to quickly help spread.

People: By creating something or having a large funeral you remind people of yourself indirectly – but more important are the ways you touch people in person and the way you change their lives. The people who you help and who you teach will end up achieving great things and having fulfilling lives because of you – and in those ways their achievements and their experiences will be yours too.

Then of course there’s the big one – having children. These are people who will not only have been raised and influenced by you in large ways, but also people who will share your genetic code and who will be even more of a lasting impression of you.

Your Remains: Your remains will obviously last long after you are gone even if you don’t do anything with them. However there are many more exciting ways you can help your remains to ‘live on’ in a way. One example may be to have a cremation and then have your ashes scattered, but another good option is to create a magnificent and well-tended grave.

Money: Finally you should think about your assets and your estate and whether they might be able to help others once you’re gone. Whether you get life insurance and make certain that your money will go to helping your loved ones thrive without you, or whether you look to donate money to a good cause you should think about this as your final act of kindness.