5 Reasons Why Cremating is the Right Choice


If you are quickly approaching the end of your twilight years and you are still uncertain about the best way for your mortal remains to rejoin the endless cycle of life, then the following guide might bring some assistance. The methods utilized for disposing of the body is a decision ultimately taken in accordance to the final wish of the departed and it is often specified in the will or a preemptive document that stipulates it specifically.

Currently, cremation and burial – traditional or eco-friendly – constitute the primary options in North America and Canada, with the former rapidly rising in popularity due to several benefits that we will discuss in the following guide. Let’s find out what they are.

1. The costs of cremation are considerably lower

The Funeral Directors Association released a statement according to which the expenditure associated with traditional burial rituals is, on average, in the neighborhood of $7,000 excluding the plot, grave marker and associated yearly maintenance fees.

Well, by comparison, the expenses entailed by a ceremony culminating with the cremation of the body ranges between $1,400 and $1,700 for basic services. In these trying economic times, opting for the financially feasible alternative and saving surviving family the trouble of coming up with such high amounts of cash is definitely the right thing to do.

2. Increased flexibility for the planning of the memorial

Flexibility in this case stems from the ability to plan the moment of the ceremony in concordance with the ability of friends and family to participate, the availability of the venues of choice, the wishes of the departed and other similar factors. Considering that the ashes resulted from the cremation are not subjected to rapid decomposition like in the case of traditional burial ritual, the time factor no longer represents the main concern. Keep in mind that even embalming fluid can’t preserve a body indefinitely.

3. Eliminates the urgency associated with burial ceremonies

Closely related to the previous consideration, but from a different point of view this time, cremation offers the benefit of postponing the ceremony until the point where all family members are comfortable with it. Traversing all stages of grief takes different amounts of time, depending on each person’s relationship with the departed. Eliminating the sense of urgency from the equation implies that the optimal moment for delivering the tribute can be selected.

4. The ability to opt for religious or secular processions

With the growing popularity of cremation, more and more religions are accepting this method of disposing of the departed’s body. Therefore, cremation does not exclusively imply a secular ceremony for the deceased anymore. On a side note, religious people should check with a member of the clergy in order to determine their faith’s stance on the matter beforehand.

5. Substantially more environmentally sound

Keeping in mind that we’re referring to a traditional funeral – one that implies embalming, coffins constructed from metal or coated with toxic elements – then it’s safe to say that cremation is considerably more beneficial for the environment by comparison.

Although green burials and alkaline hydrolysis occupy the top positions in the top of eco-friendly body disposal techniques, the general perception towards these two alternatives is not very positive overall. Statistics indicate that in excess of 830,000 gallons of embalming fluid containing formaldehyde and various other harmful chemicals are released in the ground on a yearly basis due to burial ceremonies. On the other hand, the increase in the carbon footprint resulted from the cremation of the corpses is almost negligible.

In retrospect

In the light of the facts presented here, we believe that cremation represents the superior choice almost every time. To recapitulate, cremating the body of the departed instead of burying it traditionally saves cash, enables the family to properly plan a meaningful ceremony at their own time, permits choosing between secular and religious rituals and is definitely better for the environment.

Furthermore, bear in mind the constantly decreasing availability of the graveyard spaces as a direct result of the growing human population. Therefore, it is obvious that the price of a traditional burial can only go up in the future. On the other hand, new scientific discoveries are likely to improve the cremation process, rendering it more effective and safer for the environment, ergo more affordable. The decision is up to you!