5 Ideal Places To Keep Ashes Of A Loved One After Cremation

It goes almost without saying that cremation has become extremely popular in recent times. People go for it in the name of saving both time and money. Others do it because of religious obligations which leave them with no choice but to cremate the remains of their loved ones. Either way, cremation comes along with quite a number of benefits. It all depends on who is going for it. Some even argue that it is eco friendly, compared to burying. Keep such facts aside for a moment. What next after cremation? What is one supposed to do with the ashes in an urn? Better yet, where should one keep the ashes? Read on to find out!

Your secret spot

Secret spots mustn’t necessarily be secret. They may however be sacred. You not even have the spot by the time you’re done with the cremation process. Choosing spot should not trouble you, given that most urns used for cremation in New Haven, Ct are usually designed to be elegant and beautiful. They also come in a wide range or materials such as ceramic, wood or glass. You can therefore use the urn as part of your usual décor and store it along your bookshelf or by the window. This will allow you to feel closer to your departed loved one and bring about some peace and tranquil.

In a columbarium


Not so many people know about the columbarium. It is simply an enclosure complete with several drawers. The drawers are specifically designed to store cremation urns of the departed. It is almost like a cemetery except for the fact that no burring is involved. The drawers are sometimes referred to as niches. Keep in mind that most modern cemeteries have columbarium niches. Like graves, they are designed in different ways to show some respect to the departed ones. Marble, granite, bronze and even gold are all examples of some of the materials used to adorn columbarium niches. The niches are of different sizes, some of them being big enough to hold property and other items that were dear to the deceased.

In plots

Sounds strange, but you can actually burry the cremated remains of your loved one. Some cemeteries have room for such arrangements. All one needs to do is ask. But that is not even the highlight. The highlight is where the cemetery allows you to buy a monument or order for a custom curved one designed to house and protect the urn in the plot.

Urn garden

This happens to be one of the most common places to store cremated remains or a loved one or pet. You may choose to bury the urn in your garden or simply place it somewhere in the open. You just need to place a marker indicating where the urn is. You may choose a monument, a statue or just a flower vase.

Your house

Actually, this is a common place to store cremation urn. You only need a specific spot in the house. You may keep the spot a secret or just a spot in the open where your special guests can see the urn but respect what it means to you. To commemorate a loved one who has passed on, you can also decorate that spot in the house such as using flowers and candles to accompany the urn.