The Most Unique Personal Memorialization Trends

The age-old funeral service remains to be part of the culture for many of us. It is still one of the most familiar memorialization trends up to these days. But of course, taking things a notch higher, personal memorialization has transitioned from the usual to a more personal service that will make remembering the life of a loved one more meaningful. Let us name some of the most unique personal memorialization trends.

The use of cremation jewelry for your loved one’s cremains

cremation jewelry

“Cremains” is the term given to the remains of a loved one after cremation. In today’s society where cremation is understood to be a process where cremains should be placed inside your choice of urn, many have thought of elevating things further. Now, on a more personal level, cremains can be transformed into a pendant or other jewelry that can become souvenirs of the life of your dearly beloved. The good thing about this trend is you can keep a part of the life of your beloved closer to your heart.

Incorporating cremains to other items

Apart from jewelry, cremains can now be incorporated into any other item that you have or can use in your home. There are cremains that have been added to pencil boxes, others to bird feeders. A lot of ideas can be done and there can always be a creative way with which you can remember the death of a loved one.

The use of a biodegradable urn

Water burial scattering of ashes is a usual for your loved one’s cremains but there is another alternative to that these days. Using a biodegradable urn, you can just allow the urn to rest on the ocean floor and from there the urn and the cremains will get dissolved. This is a unique way to scatter the ashes to the ocean. You do not even have to hold the ash as the biodegradable urn does that for you instead.

A more extravagant way to scatter the remains of a loved one

Apart from using a biodegradable urn, scattering the remains of a loved one can be done extravagantly. This is through a fireworks display that can be made in honor of your loved one. As opposed to scattering the remains on a body of water, your loved one’s cremains will be packed into fireworks. From there a fireworks display can be arranged for you and the rest of your family. This trendy fashion in the world of personal memorialization is surely a better celebration of life and is a happier way to bid your loved one goodbye. In fact, you will surely have a smile on your faces right after the fireworks display is over.

Personal memorialization can indeed be as unique as you want them to be. Depending on what will work for you and your loved ones, you always have a choice. But of course, remember that many memorialization procedures all start after cremation. We offer quality cremation services in Cheshire, CT and provide many innovative ways of helping you handle the cremains of your loved one. Give us a call today to find out more.

How To Make Funerals More Manageable In Times Of Grief

We all know that losing a loved one brings grief. For sure, there are many questions at the back of our minds wanting to be answered. This is but usual in these trying times, so to speak. In fact, the sorrow heightens as the funeral day gets near. Believe it or not, you can always make funerals more manageable in times of grief. Here is how you can do that:

Think of it is a way to bring closure

Funerals become gatherings of people close to your heart. You are all there for one reason and that is to honor the life of a passing loved one. As you bring back old memories, it is for sure that there are happy treasures out there waiting to be remembered. This will make the sorrow sweeter as there is that significant closure with all great stories you share.

Think of the people you are going to share this moment with


Losing a dear loved one is very painful but you can get past that if you know that more and more people will be there to share this moment with you. Do not live inside closed doors even before funeral day. Talk to people more often and try to listen to the good words they have to say about your loved one. Perhaps, you have relatives whom you have not seen for a long time. Reunite with them to ease the pain. Remember, sharing this moment with them will give you more time to heal and be consoled in the process.

Take it as a time to think about life

It can be ironic to think about life in a situation where death is the focus of attention of many. While people may think that being happy on an occasion where everyone else is grieving is unacceptable, you have the choice to think happy thoughts. Take this situation then as an inspiration. Take the life of a loved one as a motivation to become better. Often, in funerals, you remember how kind that person has been throughout his lifetime and how you wish he was not taken away that soon. Why not make his life your inspiration to be good, to be kind and to inspire others to live well.

Customize the gathering

You should do this in such a way that the life of your dearly departed is highlighted. You can bring colors and music to the gathering. Ask about personalized services and see if there are specific themes that will make the celebration even happier. Make the occasion as special as possible not just for you to have an easier time moving on but for you to cherish great moments you had together with your beloved.

Respect the requests of a loved one

If your loved one has requested for cremation before he left this world, you have to respect that. No one in your family should argue about burial and cremation anymore. Grant his wishes as this is the best way to honor the life he have lived on earth.

For affordable cremation services in Hamden, CT, do feel free to contact us. We can help you remember your loved one in the best possible way we can.