Is Your Deceased Loved One Giving You A Sign?

Once your loved ones have crossed over, they are usually anxious to communicate with you to let you know that they are fine and aware of everything that is transpiring in your life. Oftentimes, in as much as you might not be able to feel them around you, there are some signs you will see that you just can’t afford to ignore. When this happens, then you should immediately become aware that there is communication you are receiving from the other side. Thus, you need not look for the signs as they will come to you in several forms such as the ones below.

Animal forms

For just a brief period of time, your loved one at times will get a chance to go inside of a given animal like a bird, dragonfly, butterfly or ladybug. Once this happens, you will notice that they will either scream at you, land on you or peck at your window amongst many other signs.

Object placements

You might also notice that objects like rocks, feathers or coins will appear along your path. The things that will be placed will usually be those which were of importance to them that you can easily identify with. If you do not notice a jar filled with coins, objects and feathers in a certain place you frequent, then they will use another object to send you a message.

Giving off fragrances

If you suddenly start smelling your deceased loved ones perfume, cigar, cigarette smoke or flowers, then this is a sign that you simply cannot afford to ignore. This is because you will usually try to find the source of the smell, but you won’t be able to because there won’t be a logical explanation of the same.

Songs start playing


There are times when songs will come on at just the right time. For instance, one of their favorite songs will start playing and begin talking to you at the precise time you need to hear such words. When this starts happening at different places, then this is a great sign to watch out for.

You see them in dreams

This is usually one of the easiest ways that they can make contact with you. The only task you will need to do is request this of them. When you do this, you should also ask them to wake you up, lest you not remember the dream you had. When you have a true visitation dream, it will be peaceful and you will immediately know that indeed it is your loved one. More so, you will be able to remember this dream for many years to come.

Repetition of numbers

If you loved numbers or are aware of those which they loved such as for anniversaries or birthdays, they will repeat these numbers many times in different locations. They will surface on billboards, clocks, your phone or some other place you can easily identify with.

These are just but a few simple signs to watch out for from your loved one, and of course there are many others not listed here that you might discover. Some people say that signs do start occurring right after a cremation or a burial while for others, it might take longer. Whatever it is, many people do say that when there are signs from your loved ones, you will always know.

How To Memorialize Your Loved In A Creative Way

Oftentimes, you normally left feeling that the funeral or memorial service didn’t quite capture the exemplary life that your loved one lived. If they had a hobby, special interest or passion, then you usually feel more inclined to memorialize your loved one them using creative ways.

Saying goodbye after scattering your loved ones remains is not an easy thing to do no matter who you are. Thus, if you bent on prolonging their memory for the future, then you can use some of the creative ways listed below to memorialize and honor them.

Writing a journal

You should try and write down as many things you can fondly remember your loved one, in addition to all those fun situations you consider yourself fortunate enough to have had with them. Further, you can also include their intriguing traits which made them enjoyable, fun, and important people. Thereafter, you can share this journal with their family members and friends encouraging them to jot down some of their own.

Planting a tree, plant or garden


Whether it is a flower, garden or tree, these are ideal ways of memorializing your loved one. This is especially important if they loved gardening, had a special flower, vegetable or fruit. Once you do this, you can nurture these plants in remembrance of them, or alternatively you can read your favorite book or spend time reflecting while you sit near the tree, garden or plants.

Offer a gift in your loved one’s name

You can also offer gifts anonymously to the family members and friends of the loved one using their name, a gesture which will be highly appreciated. You can even go a step further and offer gifts which your loved one would have offered themselves if they were still alive.

Adopt an animal

If your loved one appreciated wildlife and animals, then you can think of adopting a pet in your loved one’s name from the zoo. Alternatively, you can identify a wildlife organization and make a donation to further their efforts or provide supplies as your loved one would have done if they were still alive.

Donate books

You can also decide to donate books to a school or library that is located close to where you live. You may decide to donate books which your loved one read or identify the author they loved and give those books. Alternatively, if they loved a certain genre, then you can donate those ones to a children’s orphanage if they had some for children.

Naming a star

You can go online to a site like and pick a star from those present and name it after your loved one. This way, when you look at the sky and can identify the star, then you will be able to remember and gain comfort in knowing that they are with you.

Whichever way you use to remember your loved one after holding a simple cremation in Wallingford, CT, you should always know that they will forever remain with you in spirit. Just because they are gone does not mean that you should forget about them.