Planning A Funeral Using Cremation Services In Cheshire, CT

Two things are said to be inevitable – taxes and death. Well, taxes are neither painful nor hard to get past compared to getting over a death, especially that of a loved one. After the death of a person, the family members have to choose between a traditional burial and using cremation services in Cheshire, CT. This is a decision that will be based on a variety of different factors, all which can be discussed in advance or considered after the passing on of a loved one.

Choice of a funeral director


Organizing a funeral of a loved one may be the toughest thing that you would ever have to do. When you’re overwhelmed with sadness and stress, your emotions can get in the way of your better judgment. This is where a funeral director comes in.

When choosing a funeral director, it is important that you ensure that they are affiliated with an appropriate governing body. If they are a member of an association, they are obliged to meet certain industry standards in order to maintain their badge of honor. It would also be easier for a funeral director to seek cremation services Cheshire, CT and make all the arrangements on your behalf.

A funeral director plays a fundamental role in the planning and execution of a funeral. This professional will take care of the coffin, the body, the viewing of the body, as well as all the paperwork or legal requirements on your behalf. They’ll also take you through the available options regarding the ceremony and venue, such as the coffin purchase, hearse rental and entire time schedule.

Order of Service

While it’s the funeral director’s responsibility to make arrangements and ensure that the event follows personal, legal and religious guidelines, it will be upon you to set a path. If you are the next of kin of the deceased, you will have to decide the proper way in which the event will be conducted.

There are different ways in which you can decide the service to be conducted, i.e. you can opt for either a “celebration of life” type of memorial service, or a more formal type of funeral. It is important to consider the opinion of other family members to ensure that everyone’s wishes are represented. You should also check with the cremation services provider whether they have enough space where the funeral service can be conducted.

Hiring Funeral Cars

Most funeral directors provide this service as standard. If hiring funeral cars, ensure that you nominate drivers who won’t be distracted by grief. This will ensure the safety of everyone involved. Another alternative is to hire a hearse, though this may take a significant portion of your overall budget.


This is another important thing that should be planned properly. The funeral director can make catering arrangements on your behalf for an extra fee. The good thing about letting the funeral director deal with the catering is because they have connections with local catering companies, thus easy to identify the service provider with a quote that is within your budget.

Other things that you have to pay attention to when planning a funeral using cremation services Cheshire, CT, include the eulogy, coffin decorations, funeral flowers, and the music. Ensure that you make enough consultations with the cremation services provider on how the entire process will go to ensure that you are all on the same page.

Lesser Known Types of Coffins That Can Be Suitable for Simple Cremation in Hamden, CT

A coffin is perhaps the most symbolic item of a funeral proceeding, and it is only right that the family chooses a style that is most fitting to the deceased person. Coffins come in different styles, from traditional-shaped coffins made of oak or elm wood to the more modern chipboard veneered coffins.

One of the factors that influence the choice of a coffin to use is whether the family intends to have their departed loved one buried or cremated. When it comes to choosing a coffin for a burial, any type of coffin can be used. However, there are some types of coffins that are more ideal for cremation than others.

Crematorium regulations require that a coffin and its furnishings and fittings be made from materials that are appropriate for cremation. This isn’t only from a safe point of view, but it’s also an environmental one, more so now that there’s increased legislation trying to reduce crematoriums emissions.

So, what are the lesser known types of coffins that are considered to be suitable for simple cremation in Hamden, CT? Well, the following are some of the options:

Bamboo Coffins

Besides being the fastest growing plant, bamboo is also one of the strongest natural materials on the planet. This can only mean that bamboo coffins are quite sturdy and can hold considerable weight. These types of coffins are usually woven by hand, which not only gives them a tight weave that makes them waterproof, but also a unique hand crafted appeal. Bamboo coffins are ideal for both burial and cremation.

Cardboard Coffins


These types of coffins are usually made from at least 70 percent post consumer waste sourced from saw mills. They are not only strong and rigid, but they are also environmentally sympathetic. There are those that are non-toxic certified, which means that they do not emit harmful toxins to the environment. Furthermore, they involve low resource manufacturing process, as well as low emission levels when used for cremation.

Willow Coffins

Just like bamboo coffins, willow coffins are hand woven and are quite attractive to the eye. They are however slightly more expensive than bamboo coffins. These types of coffins are also appropriate for both burial and cremation.

There are also coffins that are made from other natural materials that are considered to be suitable for cremation. They include those that are made of dried banana leaves, sea grass, pandanus or wild pineapple.

Even though most types of coffins are suitable for cremation, some are undoubtedly more environmentally friendly than others. The use of a coffin cover is a feature that can not only save money, but it also reduces emissions from cremation.

When you opt for simple cremation in Hamden, CT, it would be wise to make consultations with the cremation service provider in good time so that your ideal choice of coffin can be prepared. In case your preferred type of coffin isn’t available, most funeral directors are in a position to supply alternative coffins and can supply prices on request.