An Interview With Father Bob Maguire – Founder Of The Father Bob Maguire Foundation

Father Bob is a priest, philanthropist and an active user of Twitter who does great work both through his church and through the web. He kindly took some time out to answer some of our questions regarding his various projects and his views on the important role of funeral homes. You can learn more about Father Bob, and his foundation, by following him on Twitter @FatherBob

Q1. Could you please start by telling us a little about what it is that you do? What does the average day look like for Father Bob?

The first item on my bucket list is to “Wake Up” one morning at a time. I live by choice, on the work premises, and go to bed late after being on duty with the four members of the foundation staff, admins, and the outreach team. My weekends give me the time to think about the foundation’s strategy and tactics. And also, to perform as a celebrant at the local Sunday evening church service, weddings or christenings.

Q2. You also run the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation. Can you tell us a little about the work you do through them?

The Father Bob Maguire Foundation has evolved since my initial contact with homeless, helpless & hopeless teenagers in the 1970’s and 80’s. We now run mobile food vans locally, and provide food, clothing, and reassurance from our local second premises. We favour, since 2000, early intervention, by providing scholarships for 15 local public housing teenagers to attend college.

Q3. You have a very large Twitter following at @FatherBob. How did you go about generating such a following and what do you think the value of social media is to someone in your line of work?

Twitter sprang from our being embedded in the local neighborhood. We soon realized that it was another worldwide neighborhood. So I clubbed the www(World Wide Web) with our work WWW(Wisdom, Worship, and Work).I also called it ‘The Parish Without Borders’.

Q4. On Twitter you describe yourself as ‘patron of the unloved and unlovely’; can you please shed a little light on that?

Our mission is simple – to provide material, emotional and social support to whomever, whenever and wherever necessary. Our vision is mainly to assist and to care for ALL the members in a community, regardless of their standing in society, to ensure that no one is left uncared for.

Q5. What are your views on funeral homes and cremation services and the role they play in helping families to cope with their grief and loss?

Funeral homes & cremation services are essential services for people living in a secular, humanized society. I’ve experienced many moments of redemption, good grief, and reassurance at services presided over by me at funeral homes.

Q6. Finally, do you have any other personal views on funerals, or cremation services, that you wish to share with us?

My foundation has a working relationship with several funeral homes, which are very essential to us.

Navigating Your Way Through Cremation Services



If you are planning a cremation and memorial service for a loved one, it always pays to expect a few things. Having some idea of what to expect will make it easier to organize the event, and may even contribute towards reducing the total cost. It’s also important to note that many times, people who are bereaved don’t want to do much particularly if they are affected by a lot of grief.

In such cases, having a clear understanding of how the cremation and memorial service will proceed can reduce the amount of time it takes them to plan it, which will in turn makes it easier to navigate through this difficult time. Some of the things you can do to make this process simpler include:

Learning the jargon used in the industry

Before you can start planning the cremation and memorial service, you should try to learn about some of the common terms used in the industry. Some of the strange terms you come across will slow you down as you try to figure out what they mean. However, when you know their implication in advance, it will make it easier for you to choose the right service. Some of these terms include:

• Viewing: A process where people are allowed to view the body before it’s cremated.

• Direct cremation: A type of cremation service that occurs shortly after the death of a loved one. It’s often the simplest type of cremation.

• Memorial service: This is a ceremony that is normally used to honor the life of a loved one. It normally occurs after the cremation.

Understand the difference between mandatory and optional services

Before you go shopping for a cremation service you should understand that each provider will have some services that are mandatory and others that are optional. If you want to keep your costs low, you should consider getting a simple cremation in Wallingford, CT. These offer the most basic services, and some tend to have few mandatory services and more optional ones. By signing up for them, you will have more freedom in determining the type of service you want, and will also be in a position to keep the cost down.

Get help

Normally, you will be encouraged to shop around for the cremation services to find the ones that offer the options you are interested in at affordable rates. Doing this on your own can be harrowing, particularly if you are still reeling from the death and have to do a lot to find an ideal service provider. In such cases, dividing labor will be important. In addition to reducing the amount of work you will need to do, it also allows you to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time.

Choosing a reliable service provider

The quality of the cremation service provider will influence how easy the whole process will be for you. High quality service providers tend to be more reliable, and you will have an easier time with them. You can identify some of these by going through customer reviews as well as by going through their terms of service.

Choosing Cremation Over A Traditional Burial


One of the most preferred methods of interment for many people is through cremation. This is an alternative to traditional burial that is becoming increasingly popular, even for people who come from cultures where it’s not commonly done. If you are considering it and are still not fully convinced about using cremation, there are a number of important benefits you can reap from cremating a loved one. Some of the most important of these include:

It’s cheaper

If you have just lost a loved one, the last thing you might want to worry about is how to find the money you need for a full burial. Some of the costs you will need to incur include buying a casket, paying for the funeral home charges, paying for cosmetics and dressing and numerous other fees. As you can imagine, the total cost can add up pretty fast. When you use cremation services in Hamden, CT instead, you can avoid most of these charges.

It’s simpler

In addition to that, you will also find that cremating a loved one will be much simpler compared to organizing a full burial for them. This is because the entire ceremony can take place at the premises of the cremation facility. This way, you don’t need to worry about moving from church to the burial ground. Most companies that provide cremation services will also have excellent spaces that you can rent for the memorial service.

In addition to that, avoiding having to deal with issues such as getting a crypt or burial ground will also make the process simpler. In some parts of the world, getting such resources is very difficult and might take a long time. This is especially so if you live in a city where there is very little space.

It’s environmentally friendly

If you are keen on protecting the environment, you will find that cremation is far better than doing a traditional burial. Some of the specific ways in which this occurs include:

• You won’t need a casket, which means that no trees will need to be cut down in order for the loved one to be buried.

• There will not be much moving around. When you organize a traditional burial, there might be quite a number of cars involved including the hearse. By avoiding this, you can reduce the emissions associated with that specific event.

It takes lesser time

Direct cremation takes very little time to handle. There are a number of benefits associated with this. First, it gives you closure, and this means that you will get over the death sooner. It also means that guests at the event don’t need to be committed for too long. For instance, family members coming from far off won’t need to spend as much time at the cremation as they would during a traditional burial, which is more convenient for them.

All in all, cremation should be considered over a traditional burial today. You will find it to be one of the easiest ways to handle the remains of a loved one.