Is A Funeral Director All That Important?

As a matter of fact, a funeral director is a really important person when it comes to funeral and cremation arrangements. A lot of people consult with such a professional even when they have chosen a direct cremation for their loved ones. This perhaps is because there is still a lot of attachment to the conventional idea of what a funeral director job is about. This is mostly to do with embalming the body and taking the casket to the church or the official final resting place. But because a normal direct cremation process does not involve all burial procedures, it makes sense to ask whether a funeral director is really necessary. Here are some of the reasons for including a funeral director in a simple disposition like a direct cremation.

Why is cremation considered as a simple disposition in the eyes of law?

Same as a direct entombment, or burial, cremation is legally considered as form of disposition, mostly because it is irreversible. For this reason, funeral directors necessary as they are licensed to specifically oversee the disposition dead individuals. The kind of funeral directors chosen by the family does not matter as long as they are certified and licensed to perform the specific service they are hired for.

How does a funeral director coordinate the cremation arrangement?


For the same reasons that people cannot conduct or schedule burials of family members without the input or assistance of a funeral director, they cannot bring their loved ones to the crematory without a his assistance.. Simply taking the body to the crematory does not count as cremation. There is much more the process of cremation than you can imagine and a funeral director is directly involved.

Specific duties of a funeral director when it comes to cremation in Hamden, CT

1. Obtaining and filling in the requisite death certificates in conjunction with various medical professionals.

2. Obtaining the necessary written authorization from the family members and vital cremation permits as required by the state’s law. This legally protects all that are involved in the cremation or funeral processes.

3. Working directly with the crematory to make sure that all the set operation standards are meeting the highest criterion possible.

4. Acting as a go-between the family members and the cremation people.

5. Assisting the bereaved family in putting together a fitting tribute for their loved ones following the cremation. Though some people consider this as backward, a lot of families today are electing to hold their burial services at later dates that are more convenient for them. This offers the chosen funeral directors greater opportunities to carefully customize the client’s tributes.

Although funeral directors are not required by law to be present for the actual burial, or even for the scattering of the cremated remains, they are an invaluable resource for the families during the whole cremations and tribute planning processes. All the same, it is recommended that the bereaved family be in control on how much or how little the funeral directors should be directly involved with the memorial planning and execution.

Advantages Of Planning A Cremation Before Its Due Time


A knowledgeable consumer would never purchase a new appliance, or send his child to new learning institution, or take a vacation to a foreign country without performing a thorough research about it beforehand. The same goes for simple cremation arrangements or funeral planning. Here are some of the benefits of planning a cremation well in advance.

You are able to make some more informed decisions

Taking the time to perform a thorough research on different cremation service providers can help you make a more informed decision when it comes to their selection. Not only this, you are able to compare the prices and other selection options and hence being able to get the fairest of the deals. You are also given the chance to ask more relevant questions to help you quickly decide on your choices.

You get to know what to expect beforehand

The passing away of a loved person is a frightening thought. Needless to say, most people shun thinking about this eventuality until they are left with no other choice. One of the things that make cremation or funeral arrangements to be such a scary subject is the fact that lots of people do not know what to expect. Many of them have never planned a funeral before and now find themselves having to make crucial decisions at times of great emotional stress.

All of this can be avoided by planning for a simple cremation in New Haven, CT, beforehand. A simple telephone conversation with a reliable funeral director will relieve much of the anxiety and thus restoring back everyone’s confidence. This in turns allows you to focus on caring for the family knowing that things to do with the cremation or even funeral arrangements are or will be well taken care of.

Take back the control

A good way to ensure you are in full control is to take back the driver’s seat where planning of your own funeral or cremation is concerned. When your time comes, this is certainly the best way to make sure that all your wishes will be honored. Your chosen funeral director should be able to help you plan a simple cremation in New Haven, CT, beforehand. He should make it easy for you to be able to complete your selections down to the smallest detail.

This should be done at a place you are comfortable in, for instance from the privacy of your home. Though your family members should be involved in this process, it is important to let the funeral service provider to maintain full control with the arrangements for efficiency sake. A number of simple cremation tools are designed to help you get rid of the middlemen.

Your kids will appreciate your gesture

To be honest, death can come as suddenly as lightening can strike these days. If proper funeral or cremation arrangements have not been made beforehand, relatives and children are left with no choice but to make difficult and very emotional on-the-spot decisions. There is usually a great deal of conflict, confusion and panic when such a situation arises. You will often hear those left asking questions about how they will be paying for the funeral arrangements, who they should be calling, and the likes.

The only way to dodge this bullet is by planning a cremation or funeral arrangements well before its due time. Though an emotion draining and difficult undertaking, you should try and involve most of the family members in the arrangements. Engage them in an honest conversation during the planning process to prepare them for the eventuality. While at it, make them aware of your choices and the tools they will need to make your wish come true. This is a gift they will probably not want, however, that they will definitely appreciate the preparatory work that has been done beforehand.