Important Tips For Preparing Green Funerals


Over fifty million people die each year worldwide and that is why people are finding ways they can say goodbye to their loved ones without placing a heavy impact on the environment. There are greener ways we can opt for in order to deal with the negative environmental impact of saying goodbye to our loved ones. If you are looking for a greener way to say goodbye to the deceased, then follow these important tips:

List your intentions

Did you know it is important to set up your funeral before the inevitable happens? You can speak to your relatives regarding these arrangements before it gets too late. Chances are high that your loved ones won’t even think about the importance of the burial on a green funeral environment, but when you give them a heads up, it can help you and them out when that time comes. You can do this by creating a will that clearly states the kind of burial you want.

Get sound advice

Today, many people are thinking about the environment and that is why they have also been thinking about what to do to help the “green funeral environment” after they pass away. These concerns are growing, and so are the numbers of products used and number of funeral services. In this case, you can talk to the funeral home directors and find out what they know about the green funeral options or talk to burial specialists about the same.


As we die, our bodies become part of the food chain. Concrete, embalming and coffins can delay the natural decomposition process. There are things to remember though when it comes to burials: You may want to forego the preservation process; just have a closed casket and quick burial. And if you want to join the Earth and become a part of the ecosystem, go for coffins that are made from cardboard, shrouds and bamboo; these don’t delay the decomposition process.


Crematories are working each and every day to come up with ways that will lower emissions, so as to make cremations environmentally friendly. You may want to take this option because it keeps negative environmental impact to the minimal.

Natural markers

As time passes, each one of your relatives needs a place to mourn the loss of their loved one. You may want to find natural memorials they can go to. In this case, you can plant trees before your death. Ask the experts, they can give a hint on the many ways your loved ones can mourn your death; naturally.


During the green funerals, tributes are always made about what the dead persons were like and what their convictions were. Talking about how the dead lived a green life can find this kind of ceremony very fitting for their departure.

Funeral service details

You may also want to nail down the details of your funeral service. For instance, you may suggest using only recycled papers for the hymn sheets and programs. Also, you want them to serve organic food at the wake. At All State Cremation & Funeral Care we offer urns and funerary services, veteran’s services and cremation services, all at affordable prices. Contact us today for the preparation of your loved one’s funeral.

Remember Your Loved Ones With Any Of These Cremation Urns!


Today, cremation is increasingly gaining popularity and that is why the demand for unique cremation urns is also increasing as well. This is referring to the container where the ashes of your loved one are stored in order to keep their memories alive for generations to come. However, choosing the right urn is not as easy as people may think. There is a host of options when it comes to these and that is why this article has rounded up a few to help you make the right decision when purchasing. Some of the most popular urns include:

Infant urn

Just like the name suggests, this urn is used to store cremation ashes belonging to a small child or an infant. This urn comes in handy to comfort those who have suffered the loss of a child or an infant. Usually, an infant urn is small in size and is designed with a theme that is related to kids in order to keep that young spirit alive for many years to come. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles and can be customized as per your wish.

Companion urn

This is a special urn because it is used to store the cremation ashes of a couple so as to help in memorizing their life and to help them remain together even after their death. Companion urn is usually larger in capacity and size as compared to other types of urns, so that the ashes of a couple are stored comfortably.

Picture urn

Also known as a photo urn, picture urn comes in handy if you are looking to display the favorite photo of the deceased. It looks similar to a normal photo frame, but it has a secret chamber for storing the cremation ashes of the deceased. It is easy to display the photo of a loved one on the surface of the urn, either by a laser engraving or placing it in the frame that comes with the urn. This is a great way one can pay tribute to a departed soul.

Theme urn

If you are looking for a better way to highlight a particular sport, interest or hobby of the deceased, then a theme urn is your best bet. You can use it to depict hobbies such painting, music, motor cycle riding, fishing or even sailing if that is what your loved ones liked to do when alive. Use theme urn to capture the personality and spirit of your loved one for years to come.

Religious urn

This is a great way to showcase the beliefs of a loved one. Religious urns come in a host of styles, designs, shapes, materials and styles, but they all have something that relates directly to spiritual realm.

Are you searching for an urn that will keep the memories of the deceased alive for generations? Don’t look anymore! At All State Cremation & Funeral Care we have a wide variety of simple cremation urns available, and we can help you choose something that will definitely help you keep those memories for years to come. Contact us today; we are ready to work with you.