How to Pre-Plan Your Own Cremation Funeral Service


Planning a funeral is a traumatic time for anyone. When it comes to dealing with the loss of a loved one, the last thing you will feel like doing is organizing a funeral service. Did you know what you can pre-plan your own cremation and funeral service? This will help to lessen the mental and financial strain on your loved ones. This article provides a simple guide that will help you to organize and plan your own cremation and funeral service for the future.

Next of Kin

The first step is to communicate with your family or a loved one that you would like to pre-plan your own funeral. Once you have had a discussion about it you can tell this person about your plans. They will be in charge of notifying friends and family, and giving the funeral parlour the go ahead to start arranging the service and other items that you have requested.

Funeral Service

What type of funeral service do you require? With a cremation you can choose to hold a full funeral service prior to the cremation. Things to think about include memorial services, funeral services and burying or entombing. If you are religious then you may want to follow your religion’s guidelines as to the funeral preparations and service.

You can plan your funeral to as much detail as you want. Is there certain music that you like? How about flowers? Is there a specific poem that you want to be read at your funeral? You can write all of these down in a special document that you will pass on to the funeral director.


Another thing to consider is what is to be done with your remains. There are several options; you can choose to have them buried in a plot in the ground or scattered in a specific location. Another option is to have your ashes in an urn. Some people even prefer to have them split up into several urns so that several family members and loved ones can have them. If you choose the urn option then you will need to pre purchase a special urn or container which has been designed to hold the ashes.


After you have decided on the main factors of your cremation service, you can approach a funeral parlour and tell them your desired plans. They will be able to calculate an approximate cost for the entire service and cremation. You can pre-pay this cost in advance to save your family the financial worry of having to pay for the funeral themselves. Some funeral parlours will even allow you to spread the costs out over several months or years.

Planning a funeral is an emotional task for anyone. You may want the support of friends and family while you are planning it. You might also want to think about having a will made up. A funeral director will be able to help you with the planning process and answer any questions that you may have.